The Miami Marlins are set to clash with the Detroit Tigers at Comerica Park on May 14, 2024, with the first pitch scheduled for 6:40 PM under expected overcast conditions. Ryan Weathers, wielding a 4.536 ERA, will helm the pitching duties for the Marlins. Facing him from the mound for the Tigers will be Reese Olson, who boasts a commendable 2.517 ERA.

Regarding the 2024 season standings, the Marlins struggle at the bottom of the NL East with a 11-32 record, translating to a mere .260 winning percentage. They have a dismal divisional record of 2-11, placing them fifth within their division. Recently, the Marlins have won only 2 out of their last 10 games, and they come into this matchup following a loss. Their home and away records reflect similar struggles.

On the flip side, the Tigers find themselves in a slightly better position in the AL Central, standing eighth with a 21-20 record and a .510 winning percentage. They’ve secured a 10-6 divisional record and hold fourth place in their division. The Tigers have a balanced record of wins at home and on the road, and they currently carry a modest winning momentum from their last game.

Betting enthusiasts will find the odds particularly intriguing for this matchup. The Tigers are favored with a point spread of -1.5 and an over/under set at 8.5. According to the odds, the Tigers hold a decisive edge with a moneyline of -185 compared to the Marlins at +154. This suggests that betting markets see a stronger likelihood of a Tigers victory in what promises to draw significant betting action due to these factors.