On the upcoming May 22, 2024, the Baltimore Orioles are set to clash with the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium. The game is scheduled to commence at 01:15 PM under a clear sky forecast.

The Orioles will start pitcher John Means, who has maintained a commendable ERA of 3.057 this season. Opposing him on the mound for the Cardinals will be Kyle Gibson, who carries an ERA of 4.091. As the season progresses, both pitchers will be crucial in their team’s strategy.

Looking at the team standings, the Orioles find themselves third in the AL East Division, boasting a record of 29 wins against 16 losses, which includes a .64 winning percentage. They show a promising divisional record of 7 wins to 2 losses. The Orioles are currently showing a consistent form with 6 wins in their last 10 appearances, despite a recent loss. Their road games reflect a stronger performance with 12 wins out of 18.

Conversely, the Cardinals rank tenth in the NL Central Division with a record of 21 wins to 26 losses, a winning percentage translating to .45. Their divisional challenges have been steeper, with only 1 win in 7 games. However, they are also coming off a recent win, which they aim to build on. At home, their performance has been less than stellar, recording 9 wins to 12 losses.

In terms of betting, the game presents intriguing odds. The point spread is set at 1.5, favoring the Orioles, with an over/under scoreline at 8.5, reflecting expectations for a moderately high-scoring game. Bettors looking at direct outcomes will find the Orioles favored with a money line of -142, whereas the Cardinals are set at +120. These odds suggest that while the Orioles are favored to win, the Cardinals could present a challenging matchup potentially rewarding risk-taking bettors.